January 2020  
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Prison Ministry

We presently serve 37 individuals (male and female) over 5 states (Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Utah, and Wyoming). Three of our flock have been released with one "sentence served" and two on parole this past two months. One other individual was recently graduated from a recovery center, and can have their record cleared if they can stay clean until the end of the sentencing period. One individual is in a recovery center in Glenpool, and we have hopes to encourage him to begin attending our church home upon his graduation from that institution.

Since our ministry began we have touched over 135 individuals both locally and across the state mentioned. Several of our flock share the weekly bible studies we send with other inmates, sometimes as many as half a dozen. We have been able to communicate with family members of inmates as well. Your sponsorship of this ministry has also provided at least 105 bibles to those that have requested them. They are also urged to contact us for answers to any spiritual questions that may arise.

When an individual enters our ministry, they are provided a welcome letter describing who we are as a church, and that we follow biblical beliefs with no addition to our modification of God's Word. They are given the opportunity to receive bibles if desired, and are invited to consider themselves as de facto member of HIS Life church if that comforts them. We provide this service as long as an individual desires, and upon release we urge them to find a local church home where they can feel comfortable as soon as possible. In four cases we stay in contact with those that were released and asked to continue sending studies and encouragement.

I also attend as many hearings locally (Nowata and Washington counties) and schedule visitations as scheduling allows. On three occasions I have also reached out to individuals in Rogers and Osage counties as well.

All those we have had contact with have standing invitation to visit us after release if the occasion arises.